Shipping Labels-At A Glnce

Shipping labels are the labels pasted on the top of a package that is going to be mailed, by freight or courier. The labels contain the address of the recipient, the date on which the item is being sent out, and the type of the items. Shipping labels can be of various types based on the material those are indicating. The common types of shipping labels include: Arrow labels, these labels are used to indicate the side of the carton, which has to be kept upward. According to IATA standards, one side of the arrow should be barbed, but some labels sport simple arrows too. The variations of these arrow labels include “Caution – This Side Up”, “Do Not Drop”, etc. Fragile labels, these labels must be used on packages containing fragile goods. These labels can either be red or fluorescent yellow in color to improve visibility. Fluorescent corner wrap labels are even better, because these can be easily seen even in low-light conditions.

International shipping labels: These labels must be used when shipping goods abroad. These contain information about whether a particular shipment requires protection from extreme temperatures and also whether the shipment is fragile in nature. Invoice & Packing List Labels: These labels inform the recipient that the product invoice or packing list is there inside the package. These labels usually come in bright colors so that these can be viewed easily, even from a distance. The label should always be checked before accepting the package.

ESD Labels: ESD or “Electro Static Discharge” labels are affixed to the package of items that can give off electrostatic shocks. These kinds of items are very dangerous, and a high-intensity electro static is capable of causing cardiac arrest. These items are intentionally made to look attractive, with vibrant colors so that these can be seen even from a distance. These are the common types of shipping labels. Placing the correct type of shipping label on a package will ensure safe transit and handling of the package. It will also make sure that the people handling the package would know what kind of contents they are dealing with and how to deal safely with those.Shipping labels should go on the top of the package. Make sure to double-check the address, most importantly the postal code, of both the sender and receiver. If you reuse a box that’s still in good shape, remove or cross out any old labels or other marks. It’s also a good idea to include info inside the box as well; an invoice or duplicate packing slip will work fine. If you are sending more than one box as part of a shipment, label them individually. This comes in handy in case they get separated.


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